1. Please note that only participants based in UAE are eligible for this referral program.
  2. The person who refers the friend is known as the 'advocate' and the person who gets referred is known as the 'referred friend'.  
  3. The advocate qualifies for the FREE Watch when the referred friends makes a purchase within 30 days and for not less than AED 300 and after 21 days from the date of purchase. 
  4. City Moments sends an email to the advocate when the referred friend makes the purchase.
  5. Upon receipt of the email, the advocate must visit any of these City Moments locations in Lulu Hyper Markets across UAE to collect Free Gifts. 
  6. The Free Gift provided to the advocate is a predefined stylish, branded watch. 
  7. The advocate will receive one Free Gift and for only the first purchase of each referring friends.