Xbox One X 1 TB with 1 Controller,1 Month Xbox Game Pass Subscription

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The Xbox One X console is second to none in terms of speed and graphical performance. This gaming console is available on .The Xbox One X is all set to become the most powerful kid on the block. This gaming console wont simply allow you to run games in 4K native resolution, but stream and record them at 60 frames per second as well. The Xbox One X will ensure your blockbuster titles look great, run smoothly, and load quickly. An advanced multiplayer network allows you to compete, connect, and share across platforms. The console will feature Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, HDMI, Optical digital audio, and USB 3.0 connectivity. One wireless controller is included with this Xbox console. And when it comes to games you dont have to break a sweat as the Xbox One X is compatible with all Xbox One games and accessories. The Xbox One X features a 1TB hard drive, 8GB of Flash Memory, and a UHD Blu-ray optical drive. Key Features 4 K 1 TB HDR10 Support DTS 5.1 2 HDMI Ports 3 USB 3.0 Ports 12GB GDDR5 graphic memory The New Definition of Power The Xbox One X has earned its title as the most powerful console. 12GB GDDR5 of graphic memory add speed and power make this console 40% more powerful than any other. 6 Teraflops of graphical processing power and 326 GB/sec memory bandwidth ensure your games run smoothly even on a 4K native resolution, and deliver life-like details.The Octa-core CPU overclocked at 2.3GHz with help you reach the 60 frames per second mark. Experience True 4K Gaming Play 4K titles the way they were meant to be played at 60 fps with this beast of a console.