Step2 Turbo Coupe Foot-To-Floor - Blue

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Product description


The Step2 Turbo Coupe is an intelligently designed riding toy that sports a canopy top and styling that is not less than any of those realistic sports cars out there. This riding toy also features a built-in handle that ensures a comfortable handling experience for the parents. Furthermore, the removable floorboard enables the kids to take control when they grow up. In addition to this, the front castor wheel integrated into this toy facilitates seamless maneuverability. This toy boasts of a fine Blue finish, which in turn boosts its elegance factor. Key Features Canopy-style Car built-in handle Front castor wheel Maximum weight: 22.68 Step by Step The Step2 Turbo Coupe riding toy sets a benchmark in bringing innovation to toys. It comes with a sturdy shady canopy top that serves a cover against sunlight or rain. Moreover, the brilliant design of this toy also involves the integration of a handle to enable the parents to maneuver this toy conveniently, thus making strolls more joyful. Also, as the kid grows and their feet reach the ground, the removable floorboard holds no ground. The legs of the toddler can now power the riding toy. Added Advantages The Step2 Turbo Coupe riding toy also provides incredible convenience in all aspects. For a start, it sports cup holders that easily hold water bottles and juice caps. Also, the wheels have been designed in a way that they cause minimal noise as the toy moves. This riding toy also comes with a front castor wheel that ensures excellent maneuverability, thanks to its 360-degree turning capacity.


Product Specifications

  • Canopy-style Car
  • built-in handle
  • Front castor wheel
  • Maximum weight: 22.68