Oakley Latch Sunglasses Matte Black/Prizm Black 0OO9349

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Product description

A creative collaboration from the world of skateboarding, this design inspired by influential athletes is shaped with a classic keyhole bridge and the curves of rounded lens orbitals, and we engineered it with the convenience of an interior kick-up feature that lets you clip it to your shirt.

The artists of Oakley design took the graphics developed for the Oakley Latch apparel collection and created a special sunglass collection with the namesake eyewear. Each frame is nuanced with manufacturing information on the temple, and a perforated grid highlights the hinge mechanism that lets you latch these sunglasses to your shirt. The unique accents prove the authenticity of this Oakley original.


What's included in the set:

Oakley Sunglasses , User's Manual, Gift Box, Warranty