crocodile walker

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Crocodile gait trainer brings the child at level with the peers. Placing the frame behind the child allows unlimited potential for development. Being able to join in the fun is ensured through the upright walking position. Crocodile gait trainer encourages the child to move, strengthening its physiology and anatomy. The adjustable handles can be individually adapted to a position conveniently close to the child's body providing maximum support and stability.
  • Easy to adjust the height without using any tools.
  • Allows you to grow in width as well as in height. Positioning the grips close to the body gives better support and a better walking position.
  • Keeps the unit from rolling backwards. It is very easy to lock/unlock once walking skills improve. The anti-reverse wheel stops are used for children with less balance and control.
  • Makes storage and transporting the Crocodile easy.