3D AR Bluetooth Holographic Effect Helmet

by City Moments
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Brand Name: VKTECH
Brightness: 3D AR Glasses
Contrast Ratio: 3D AR Glasses
Operating System: Other
Volume: 140*184*110mm/5.5*7.24*4.33''
Battery Capacity: Capacity of cell phone
Type: Augmented Reality
Built-in Memory Size: Capacity of cell phone
Bluetooth Standard: Bluetooth v4.0
Model Number: ARBOX2
Memory Card Support: 16G
WIFI Standard: None
Display Number: Single
High Definition Support: 1080P
Gyroscope: Yes
Memory Capacity: 1G
Camera Number: Single len
Camera Pixels: 5MP
CPU Model Number: Support Android, IOS, WINDOWS
CPU Frequency: 3D AR Glasses
Processor Core: Single Core
G-sensor Control: No
Graphics Card Chipset: 3D AR Glasses
Monitor Resolution: 1920*1080
Projector Size: 4.5 to 5.5 inch
4m Equivalent Dimension: 3D AR Glasses
PPI: 3D AR Glasses
FOV: >90 degree
Auto Focus: Yes
MR Holographic Display: Yes
3D Play Function: No
VR Play Function: No
Real-time Map Construction: Yes
Gesture Recognition: No
Ports: 3D AR Glasses
Operating system: IOS9.0 above, Android4.0 above,WINDOWS
Screen size: 4.5-5.5 inches
Resolution Recommended: Above 1920*1080
Optical lenses: Free surface reflective optical lenses
Field of view: >90 degree
Color: white
Size: 140*184*110mm/5.5*7.24*4.33''
Weight: 240g
Feature 1: 3D AR Glasses
Feature 2: Angle Holographic Effects Smart Helmet

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