Terms & Conditions 

In the unlikely event that you find a cheaper price than you bought from us within 7 days of purchase from us, we will pay you double the price difference between both prices, subject to the terms and conditions mentioned herewith.

For instance, you buy a watch from us for AED 500 and you find the same watch selling for AED 480 (highly unlikely) in some other stores in UAE within 7 days of ordering on our store, then we will pay you double the difference between both prices which will be AED 40 in this case.

You will need to send us the screenshot with both price and full item listing which you found on the other store's website and which is in your Order Number with us by E-mail or WhatsApp. We will verify the information and if found true, we will contact you to organize the pay back of the difference.

Please note that our Low Price Guarantee is applicable only for the products listed and sold in the local stores in UAE and only for the Original Products and the same SKU's (stock keeping units or identical units) of the item that you bought from us. We do not consider the items sold in marketplaces, typically the websites where many third-party sellers sell the same SKU's within the same website, as it is difficult to verify the genuineness of such sellers and the items sold by them.

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