How can a top-quality jump starter save you when the car battery goes down?

We all might have experienced at least one situation, where in the car battery went down due to some issue or negligence on our side such as forgetting to switch off the headlamps, or cabin lights or some other reason probably that we don’t know. Most of the times, such situation tends to happen when we are in a hurry – to reach the office on time, to attend an important meeting, or to drop the child in her school. In some other cases, you would have seen people stranded on the roadside or parking lots, asking for help to jump start their car with your car battery using the long jumper cable which no one carries typically.

In some extreme cases, it could so happen that you are stranded at the worst possible times; late at night, in an empty parking lot or in the middle of a snow storm, because your car battery went down and this can be very serious and frightening.

So how can you help yourself, family, friends or any other person, out of sheer compassion, from all the troubles or hassles one has to go through in such terrible situations?

Fortunately, you have the Shell Jump Starter and USB Device Charger, a great device that immediately comes to rescue in situations where your car battery goes down!

The Shell Jump Starter and USB Device Charger is powered by 3pcs high-rate discharge Lithium-Polymer Batteries, providing you a device of great power in a small portable package. It comes with the most important safety protection technologies, to ensure your safety when jump starting your vehicles. It can not only help you start up a car with a dead battery, it can also serve as a mobile power to charge your mobile devices and as a flash light during road side emergencies. Here’s what you will love about this:

  1. SAFE: Jump starting cars can be scary experience due to short circuit, spark and so on, if you are not doing it right or using a cheap brand. However the Shell Jump Starter and USB Device Charger comes with 10 levels of in-built safety protection such as Short Circuit Protection, Spark Protection, Reverse Polarity Protection, Reverse Charging Protection, Over Heat Protection, Over Voltage Protection, Low Voltage Protection, Over Current Protection, Over Load Protection, and Detecting Battery Protection. All these protections ensure the utmost safety to the human body and automobiles alike and make it an indispensable gadget in all cars. Watch the enclosed video that demonstrates how safe it is when compared to other brands in the market.  
  1. RELIABLE: You cannot predict when you might need a jump starter either for yourself or to help others. At that critical moment, you will want to have a device that you can count on to deliver. The Shell Jump Starter and USB Device Charger can jumpstart Gasoline engines up to 8 Litres (8 Cylinders), Diesel engines up to 2.5 Litres (4 Cylinders) and other 12 volt ignition engines such as Watercraft or Motorcycles. Watch the enclosed video that demonstrates how it can easily jump start the Mercedes Benz C63 AMG 6.3 Litres, 8 Cylinders when the battery got drained.
  1. PORTABLE: The full kit is about as small and portable as it gets. All of it together (device, short cables, clips and instruction booklet) fit into a nice little drawstring pouch that tucks very easily inside your possibly full dash compartment! It would also easily fit under a seat, in a trunk tire or in a purse which shows how compact and light weight it is.
  1. MULTI-FUNCTIONAL: While you would buy this to keep on hand in case you need to jump start your car; you would love to know that it comes ready to make itself useful in other ways when you don't need a jump. It has a built in flash light and a red light that flashes the SOS signal for road side emergencies. Even better than that is the ability to charge your mobile devices by USB cable whenever needed. You can also use it to recharge your mobiles & tablets multiple times whenever needed and it charges them all pretty fast.   
  1. QUALITY: From shipping box to the instruction manual to the drawstring storage pouch, everything about Shell Jump Starter and USB Device Charger is of extremely high quality and well made. It will not fall apart after using it few times and is very heavy duty and rugged, solid and sturdy, all the things you would want such a thing to be.

It is recommended that you do a recharge every 3 months for the best results. Charging it is easy with the included in-car charger and it charges up pretty fast for how big the battery is! The indicator lights on the front show the charging progress and completion. Once you do a full charge, it holds its charge very well for 3 months without getting any attention and does its job whenever required. It comes with a colourful, glossy, simple guide that is very clear, concise and user-friendly. All these benefits make it a 5 star and a must-have gadget that is totally worth the price. This would make the perfect gift for anyone, especially the elderly and teenage drivers and would make a great stocking stuffer too.